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10 August
I recently moved from IN to GA after four years to be closer to my mom as she went through chemo. She's currently cancer free! Huzzah!! It's taking some adjustment but since my mom and I are tight it makes it a WHOLE lot easier to be back at home after living on my own.

I have an older sis and bro and three little bros. I love to laugh and hang out with friends and family whenever I can get a break from work. My schedule is always changing so I keep strange hours.

I'm single(loving it!!) and don't have any plans to have kids. My sis recently had a baby(there will be tons of pics in the LJ) so she filled the grandchild quota for my mom! LOL! I love my niece and I must say she's adorable!!

I'm currently hooked on the Sims 2 game. I play it as often as I can and have downloaded a TON of CC for it! I know Sims 3 is coming out but I'm still all OVER Sims 2 so I probably won't get Sims 3 for a while yet (at least that's what I'm telling myself). Yeah, I ended up getting it! I couldn't resist!:)

You can now find me on Tumblr as well

My stories: Ravensworth Generations, Lycan Tales and Winchester Legacy. Each is a completely different genre. At least I think so.

051. Moon. 052. Star. 053. Sun. 054. Too Much. 055. Not Enough.
056. Warm. 057. Cold. 058. Shade. 059. Simple. 060. Complicated.
061. Holiday. 062. Spring. 063. Summer. 064. Fall. 065. Winter.
066. Rain. 067. Snow. 068. Storm. 069. Inside. 070. Outside.
071. If. 072. He. 073. She. 074. Home. 075. Heart.
076. Hours. 077. Days. 078. Weeks. 079. Months. 080. Years.
081. Proud. 082. Content. 083. Anxious. 084. Disappointed. 085. Determined.
086. Laughter. 087. Kiss. 088. Lies. 089. Lips. 090. Gluttony.
091. Wrath. 092. Sloth. 093. Envy. 094. Lust. 095. Pride.
096. Changes. 097. Facade. 098. Innocence. 099. Revelations. 100. History.

I decided to start the simfic50 challenge.


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